3 Ways to Foster Creativity in Digital Marketing

Though gimmicky marketing campaigns may seem like nothing more than superficial stunts, that type of outside-the-box creativity routinely pays off in revenue growth, investment returns, and overall enterprise value, according to Entrepreneur.

Marketing departments are increasingly shifting their focus — and investment — to high-tech tools such as data, analytics and other IT initiatives, but creativity is just as vital a tool, and one that cannot afford to be overlooked.

Here, according to Entrepreneur, are three ways marketers can infuse more creativity into their campaigns:

1. Find a new way to tell the story: Rather than completely overhauling existing goals, simply reframing an organization’s narrative and showing off its work from a different point of view can revitalize marketing efforts and appeal to an entirely new audience.

2. Ask the audience: Data-driven insights can direct a campaign toward more consumer-friendly territory, but engagement will increase exponentially if the audience is invited to actually interact with a campaign in some way.

3. Master the art of empathy: For even better results, look beyond impersonal analytics and insights to focus instead on connecting with individual consumers and stepping into their shoes to better understand their experiences and what they look for in a campaign.

Source: Andrea Park via Becker’s Health IT

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