5 Ways Your Social Media Posts Improve Your SEO

Google has been particularly enigmatic about how, or even if, its rankings are influenced by social media. But the experience of industry professionals has been universal—highly engaged content has much greater SEO value than do less popular pages. And that makes sense. Google’s algorithm is designed—and is constantly being tweaked—to find and rank high-quality, useful content for each search query. To do so, it needs a way to measure the value of sites.

Social signals are a helpful factor in making that determination because they represent independent assessments of a page’s content. You’re not going to like a piece of content on Facebook or share a link to it if you don’t think it’s worth reading, right? And you’re not going to spend your work break watching videos that aren’t, at the very least, amusing.

Social media engagement essentially provides Google with external validation of a page’s value. 

This means that social media marketing and search engine optimization work in tandem; what works well for one works for the other. Here are five ways to ensure your social media posting helps your SEO.

Source: John Jantsch via the Convince & Convert Podcast Blog 

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