Big Game, BIG Commercials
Big Game BIG Commercials

Big Game, BIG Commercials

Big Game, BIG Commercials

Viewers around the world will be tuning in on Sunday for the big game, and millions of them won’t be watching for the football! The Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the United States, but many polled in a recent survey prefer Super Bowl commercials to the game itself! So what’s so special about Super Bowl commercials? Let’s take a look!

Why Do It?
Last year 112 people watched the Super Bowl, the closest non-football telecast was the Academy Awards which was watched by a comparatively paltry 34 million people. For companies with the available budget, it’s easy to justify having a Super Bowl Ad.

Having a Super Bowl Commercial is symbolic.

Additionally, what’s the alternative? TV viewership hasn’t impacted the Super Bowl. At this time, there really isn’t another way to guarantee your ad reaches the kind of audience the Super Bowl attracts. If done correctly, the impressions could be astronomical. In a world of social media and viral video, if your commercial stands out to viewers, the reach will extend far past Super Bowl viewers.

The Cost
This year, spots are ranging from 5 million to 5.2 million… before production costs and agency fees! That’s a lot of pressure on one ad.

In Marketing Dollars, ONE Super Bowl Commercial cost is equal to:
2.6 Billion Instagram Impressions
2.6 Million Paid Search Clicks on Amazon
8 Posts From Selena Gomez

The Reward
Regardless of other trends in the world of marketing, The NFL Championship remains the best way to reach  as many people as possible at once. Of course you could do a lot of things with a 5.2 million dollar marketing budget, but would you get the same impressions? Check out these stats from last year’s Super Bowl…

In Marketing results, ONE Super Bowl Commercial is equal to:
14 Billion Facebook Ads
8 Billion Display Impressions
160 Million Sponsored Views

It’s a no brainer. If your brand has the resources to pull off a well done Super Bowl Commercial, what are you waiting for? Super Bowl commercials have becoming integrated marketing campaigns, and although it’s a hefty price tag for one ad, dollar to dollar it blows other marketing options out of the water. 

What’s your favorite Super Bowl Commercial of all time? Let us know!

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