Create Captivating Photos and Videos For Your Page Posts

Add a new dimension to your Page

Whatever your goals are, adding photos and videos to your Page can help people learn about your business.

You have all the photo equipment you need in your pocket

Businesses like yours are producing high-quality photos and videos right from their mobile devices.

Why use your mobile device as a camera?

Powerful built-in camera
Even older model smartphones come with powerful cameras that are more than capable of capturing high-quality images for your Page.

Creative apps for easy touch-ups
Want to give your images an extra pop? There are dozens of apps to help you edit, retouch and add filters or text to your photos and videos. Here are 10 apps we recommend for businesses.

Upload directly to Facebook
Getting photos and videos onto your Facebook Page is easy when the images are already on your mobile device.

Take beautiful, effective photos
4 photo tips to get you started

Keep it simple
The most effective images are often the simplest, like a close-up of a product or a satisfied customer.

Play with perspective
Try unconventional angles or perspectives. Choose a higher or lower angle. Get up close. Place the subject in a corner of the frame instead of the center.

Use varied layouts
When arranging objects for a photo, such as a group of products, try using an interesting layout. Photograph the display from above.

Create a focal point
When setting up your scene, whether it’s a group of products or a storefront, provide a focal point by putting a subject in the foreground.

Source: Facebook for Business

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