Do TripAdvisor Review Responses Really Matter?

The short answer is yes, TripAdvisor review responses really matter… a LOT. And we’re going to give you a few reasons why you need to be dedicating resources to your TripAdvisor reviews.

1.It shows guests that you care
Taking the time to respond to a guests review, positive or negative, shows that you’re interested in feedback and that you value customer service. Don’t believe us? In a recent survey, 77% of travelers said that seeing a management response made them feel like the hotel cares more about it’s guests.

2.It gives you a chance to tell your side of the story
It’s always important to remain professional in your responses, however there are still ways that you can give the unhappy guest an apology while giving future guests an explanation. Sometimes things happen, but taking responsibility and making a plan to avoid making the same mistake again can reverse a LOT of damage!

3. It creates repeat guests
Receiving a management response resonates BIG time with guests. Regardless if their review was One Star or Five Star, they will remember having their voice acknowledged. And if you ask an unsatisfied guest for another chance, there’s a good chance they’ll give it to you!

4. Seeing manager responses entices other travelers to leave a review
If a guest knows their voice is going to be heard, and that their feedback is valued, they’ll be more likely to leave a review. There are reasons hotels with 1000’s of reviews continue getting more!

Still not sold? Numbers don’t lie!
• 83% of TripAdvisor global users will “usually” or “always” reference TripAdvisor reviews before making a booking decision on a hotel
• 96% of global TripAdvisor users consider reading reviews important when planning and booking hotels
• 93% of TripAdvisor users globally find the hotel reviews to be accurate of the actual experience
• The majority of TripAdvisor users will read at least 6-12 TripAdvisor reviews before choosing a hotel (79%)

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