Five Companies That Nailed Their Holiday Marketing Campaigns
Five Companies That Nailed Their Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Five Companies That Nailed Their Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Five Companies That Nailed Their Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Just like carols and lights, holiday marketing campaigns are a festive tradition. On such a big stage, brands know they need to up their efforts in order to stand out. In these strange and uncertain times, appealing to an incredible diverse audience can be tough. Furthermore, finding the balance between tradition and change is a huge challenge for brands. While some marketers swear by sticking with the tried and tested, others can’t ignore the temptation to do something new.

We’ve been oo-ing and awe-ing over Christmas Campaigns since November, but here are five of our favorite Holiday Digital Marketing Campaigns and why we love them. Enjoy!

1. Amazon

New data has determined that Amazon’s Christmas Campaign is the ad most likely to result in a purchase. You could argue that since you can purchase most anything from Amazon, this data isn’t all that shocking. Nevertheless, this successful campaign “Give” is making headlines and persuading buyers. Amazon did a remarkable job embracing “change” while still making their ad relevant to the Christmas tradition of giving. Amazon is undoubtedly shaking up the way consumers shop, and they did a great job telling their story with this ad.


2. Lego

Lego has introduced a Chatbot, Ralph that plays the role of Santa’s helper. Through a series of questions including age of the recipient and budget, Ralph can help you pick a gift for someone special on your list. Ralph makes an even better impression on his audience by offering a free shipping code. Kudos to Lego, and Ralph for a clever, fun and useful campaign that showcases new technology!



3. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx nailed the tradition and change mix with their White Christmas Holiday Campaign. The retailer is making some White Christmas dreams come true by delivering real snow to a few lucky homes. All you have to do is find one of the secret hidden snow globes on a TJ Maxx shelf. This ad is engaging, inclusive and action inspiring. (Note: This ad is in Europe, but we still love it – and TJ Maxx!)

TJ Maxx


4. M&M

In another impressive combination of tradition with just a little change, M&M created a sequel to one of their classic Christmas ads. 21 years after Santa Claus and the Red M&M fainted upon encountering one another, Mars continued the story. They tap into nostalgia and humor as the viewer is invited to follow Yellow’s journey of “saving Christmas”, and hit home with a Christmas punch line at the end.


5. McDonald’s

McDonald’s holiday ad features a darling little girl who carries around her last McDonald’s carrot stick all day in order to save it for a reindeer’s snack. While none of McDonald’s past holiday ads come straight to mind, we think they are definitely attempting to incorporate some change here. With a market that’s becoming more and more health conscious, consumers associating McDonalds with carrots instead of fries has to be a win for the fast food chain. We’re also giving them bonus points for pulling on the heart strings with an adorable father-daughter story.


Some Christmas traditions may come and go, but fortunately for us, we think Christmas ads are here to stay. What’s your favorite Holiday Ad of all time?

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