How Intelligent Marketers Are Using Artificial Intelligence

The longer you wait to get onboard with AI-powered solutions for your marketing strategy, the further behind you get. Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is a form of direct marketing that combines database marketing techniques and machine learning. The main difference resides in the reasoning component, which suggests it is performed by a computer algorithm instead of a human.

Artificially intelligent systems constantly work in the background on products and services such as Netflix, Amazon and, of course, Google. But as AI has paved it’s way deeper into marketing, tools have become affordable and accessible to medium- and small-sized businesses.

Here are some of the ways AI is impacting marketing.

AI-enhanced PPC Advertising
Consumers are changing due to AI-powered tolls being involved in consumer searches. As this becomes more widespread and starts feeling “normal” to consumers, AI will start to automate certain consumer decisions. Why spend hours searching for a hotel when a piece of software than knows ALL of your preferences can do it for you? So how do you advertise to an algorithm? You probably don’t, but you might pay to “persuade” the algorithm to give your brand more weight. This is basically AI PPC, and it’s starting to happen already.

Writing SEO Optimized (clickbait) Headlines
Beyond using a few templates, no one really knows the clickbait headline formula, it’s been an on going guess-check process. Fortunately for us marketers, Norwegian researchers are using deep learning and neural networks to teach machines how to write headlines like “You Won’t Believe How These 9 Shocking Clickbatis Work!” Truthfully, we can’t wait to see the outcome!

Many marketers are already using chatbots, or artificial intelligences that are able to interact with humans. They use AI and machine learning to optimize the customer experience. These chatbots can answer consumer questions, assist with purchases, book everything from a hotel to a flight, and much more. Chatbots are a great way for marketers to manage the cost of some generic consumer interactions and can increase efficiency up to 90x!

As science fiction continues to become reality, it’s imperative for marketers to stay on top of the technological advances becoming available to our industry. Technological advances have always created new opportunities for story telling and marketing, and AI is no different.

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