How To Make An Effective Q1 Marketing Plan
Effective Q1 Marketing Plan

How To Make An Effective Q1 Marketing Plan

How To Make An Effective Q1 Marketing Plan

Now that we’ve all had some time to regain our momentum after the holidays, it’s time to get down to business. A new year is here, and with it a new quarter. With a fresh budget and a new calendar, Q1 is a time to set new goals, refocus your efforts, brainstorm, and get the year off to a successful start. The quarter might have already begun, but it’s not too late to plan your Q1 marketing strategy!


A successful new year strategy begins with a look back at last year. Did you meet your goals? Did you stick to your plans? Where did you fall short? An honest look at what went right and what went wrong will help you plan for an even more successful 2018. Review your content, asses your analytics, see what worked and what didn’t. Finally, before starting your new strategy, this is a great time to look at the coming year for any big events or holidays you want to make sure marketing resources are allocated to.

Make A Marketing Resolution

After assessing what could have gone better last year, make a resolution to correct your biggest short-falling. Weather it’s allocating your budget better, becoming more video friendly, using a content calendar, building your team, or something else – write it down and make it your 2018 Marketing Resolution.

Now Set Some Goals

In order to stay on track, you need to have benchmarks throughout the year. If your resolution is to grow your following base, make quarterly numeric goals. If you want to increase the quality of your holiday campaigns, break the holiday’s up by quarter and set your focus. Make sure that your goals are smart, Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, and Time Based so you have the best chance at success.

Get Started

A plan is worthless unless you put it into action. Start today with some of the smaller tasks, like gathering your resources or narrowing in on your target audience. Communicate your plans and your goals with your team and get everyone on board. Let other departments know how they can help you be successful. Set the tone of the year with excitement and determination.

Picture Your Success

Finally, take some time to really attach a vision to your goals and your vision for 2018. What will success look like to you? Planning the year is a major project, but if you create a big picture plan that you can envision, you’ll be better prepared to adapt as the year goes.

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