How to Make Text Message Marketing Worth It

Text message marketing. Is it just another marketing tool or is it more? We already have so many marketing tools at our disposal; why do we need or want another? Well the truth of the matter is that marketing is not clear cut. There is always room for growth. There is always room for improvement.

And that’s where text message marketing comes in. It’s another tool marketers can use to reach customers and sell products. However, you shouldn’t just adopt text message marketing because it’s the next big thing. You should use it because it improves your marketing. It does things that other marketing tools cannot.

Plus, if you decide to use text message marketing, you’ll need to be able to fit it seamlessly in your overall marketing strategy. In other words, text message marketing will only be worth it for you if and only if it improves your current marketing strategy. If it not only helps you meet your goals, but exceeds them.

That may sound like a pretty high standard, and you’d be right, it is! But you don’t want to adopt something unless you know it’s going to work. So here are three ways to make text message marketing worth it.

#1 Invest in the Right Text Message Marketing Platform for YOU

In order for text message marketing to be worth your time, energy, and effort, it’s going to have to have a high ROI. Basically your long term benefit needs to outweigh the short term loss of money. Therefore, you are going to need to choose a text message marketing platform that gives you the most benefits with the least amount of money.

Now this is going to mean something different for each company. And that makes sense. Each company needs something different from a text message marketing platform. The first step is to understand what you need and want in a text message marketing platform. Do your homework! Make a list of the things you need from text message marketing from your overall marketing strategy.

The second step is to research the text message marketing platforms available. There are a lot of text message marketing platforms. Some are built for marketing in general. While others cater to specific industries. Try to find one that suits both your needs and wallet.

#2 Build Text Message Marketing around Your Current Marketing Strategy

In order to make implementing text message marketing worth it, it needs to jive with your current strategy. And if possible fill in the holes and gaps that other marketing tools can’t seem to reach. So, before making a decision on a specific text message marketing platform, review your marketing strategy. Ask yourself where text message marketing fits.

Take an Appraisal of Your Existing Sales Funnel

In addition to considering your marketing strategy, consider your sales funnel. Even if you haven’t thought about it a lot, try to think about it in terms of text message marketing. Text message marketing has the potential to keep customers in the sales funnel longer, thus making more sales.

In the end, it’s important to consider your current overall marketing strategy as well as your sales funnel. You need to know where text message marketing will help you in the sales process. Otherwise, there’s really no point in using text message marketing.

Text Versus Email

An example of using text message marketing to tighten your sales funnel is with email marketing and QR codes. Both of these marketing tools are useful. However, text has an advantage over both of these. Text messages, unlike email, are accessible anywhere a customer’s phone goes. It doesn’t require the internet or syncing an email account to your phone.

Text Versus QR code

Additionally, text has an advantage over QR codes since there is no scanning necessary. Customers don’t need to install an app or take time trying to center the code on their phone so it’s actually picked up by the scanner. Plus, a QR code can only provide a customer a link to a website, whereas a text message can provide an informative message, a link to a website, an attachment, and even an image. And that’s really why you should use a text message keyword campaign instead of a QR code.

#3 Allow Customers to Contact Customer Service by Text Message

Create a customer service avenue that’s both inexpensive and reliable – for customers and for yourself. Think about your last interaction with customer service. Most likely it was on the phone or over an internet chat. That’s not ideal.

A Positive Spin on Customer Service

Make the process of contacting customer service a positive one. Use text message marketing. Give customers a keyword to text when they need to get a hold of your customer service. Once you are texted, simply set up your text message marketing platform to send a notification to a customer service representative who can begin a chat with them via text message.

Once the customer and representative are connected, they can work on solving the customer’s issue. The cool part is the customer and representative aren’t in danger of getting disconnected – whether because of internet issues or time constraints. And if a customer needs to put the conversation on hold, it’s completely fine. The conversation is recorded in the text message marketing platform inbox, so any representative at any time can understand the issue and continue to solve a customer’s issue.

Text message marketing is worth it as a way to make a customer’s customer service experience better. As a way to ensure customers’ lives are better. And in our day and age when a business is judged by how well it creates the best experience for its customers, text message marketing is worth it.

Make Text Message Marketing Worth It

Text message marketing is only going to be worth it if it improves your marketing. Therefore, ensure it is worth it by following the tips above. Invest in a text message marketing platform that fits your needs and budget. Build your text message marketing around your current business strategy. And finally, allow customers to contact customer service by text message.

In the end, it’s up to you to make your business the best it can be. Do so by implementing effective marketing tools. They will help accomplish the mission and goals of your business.

Source: Carrie Duford via the Business 2 Community Marketing Blog 

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