How To Use Your Smartphone To Market Your Hotel
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How To Use Your Smartphone To Market Your Hotel

How To Use Your Smartphone To Market Your Hotel

We have become so attached to our smartphones that they have basically become an appendage. Recent research has found that many young adults spend a third of their waking lives on their device! On top of that, it’s been proven that the majority of smartphone users feel anxious when their device is out of reach. While there are undoubtedly cons to the habitual phone use that’s becoming a norm, for anyone involved in marketing there are extreme benefits. Not only is your audience more reachable than ever before, generating relevant content is becoming increasingly easy. Consumers are beginning to expect real time content and information, which means that sharing what’s going on NOW can actually translate into high performing content! Here are three platforms that have adopted the trend of real-time content sharing and how your hotel should be utilizing them.    

Snapchat Stories

Many millennials are leaning towards Snapchat as their social platform of choice, making it the perfect outlet for brands looking to reach this audience. If your hotel is looking to position itself to today’s customers, Snapchat stories are a must. In addition to posting behind the scene action of your property, you can also create a Geofilter for your hotel. Geofilters are a great way to gain exposure, especially if done correctly. By using your filter, your guests are basically volunteering to market your hotel to all of their followers. Word of mouth marketing at your guests’ fingertips – yes please!

Instagram Stories

In order for a hotel to survive in a market that’s adopting the language of younger generations,  they have to stay current with the latest trends. Many hotels have yet to implement the Instagram platform in their marketing mix, much less Instagram stories, but that shouldn’t stop you! Brands from every industry are getting noticed and earning loyal customers with this feature. Similar to Snapchat stories, the videos and pictures you post disappear after 24 hours. However, in what appears as an attempt to compete with Snapchat, Instagram has enhanced their story feature, making it incredibly interactive. You can post surveys and other content that invites your guests to engage with your channel. This is also a great way to get your guests opinions on operation level decisions – think “which cereal do you prefer?”, as a start!

Facebook Live

2018 is poised to be the year of live streaming, with many companies already taking advantage of this tool. While live-streaming applications have been available for years, none have exactly sparked a broadcast revolution until now. As with everything Facebook, what the platform brings to the table is potential reach and usability. Facebook Live also allows you to archive your video and post them to your wall for after-the-fact views. Videos have now overtaken photos as the most popular type of post from the top 30 brands on Facebook. Facebook Live is a great way to showoff any events at your property, gloat about short wait times in your lobby, and give guests a tour of new amenities. Consumers love to be in the know even when they can’t be there in person, so give them backstage access to your hotel by going Live.


Let us know how you use your mobile device to market your hotel!

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