Promoting Posts on Facebook For Beginners

Promoting Posts on Facebook For Beginners

Promoting Posts on Facebook For Beginners

If you run a business page, Facebook has prompted you to “promote” a post (as long as you have over 400 likes – which is their requirement). With prices starting at $5, it seems like a no-brainer. And it should be! However, depending on what your goals are, there are ways you can alter your promotion to achieve them. If you’re a small business and are running your own campaigns, we recommend starting with a small budget to test the waters. It’s easy to say “it’s only 5 bucks”, but if it’s not getting you closer to a goal – what’s the point? Here’s some of our advice to anyone ready to start paying to play on Facebook.

You might not be aware of this, but your posts are only shown to a portion of your audience. Facebook has an algorithm that determines what is shown to people based on weight, affinity and time. Promoting your post pushes it to appear in more of your followers news feeds. Earlier this year Facebook said that a status update from a fan page reaches about 16% of the total audience. Not an awesome statistic, thus the need for promoted posts.

Things To Consider Before Promoting A Post:

  • Make sure the content you’re posting is engaging
  • Pictures and videos perform much better than text only posts
  • You can include a link in your post (increase traffic to your site)
  • Experiment with different types of posts and times to see what performs better
  • Keep in mind your post still won’t reach 100% of your audience, even 50% is really though to do
  • You can (and probably should) target a specific location or language

Other Details about Promoted Posts:

  • You can’t promote a post older than 3 days, but you can promote a post that’s already been published
  • Promoted posts will say “Sponsored” under them
  • We don’t recommend promoting every post
  • The larger your audience, the harder it is to reach more of your fans
  • You can change the budget after you’ve started the promotion
  • Make sure you’re keeping track of your posts performance for insight on your next promotion
  • Posts promoting a question have historically performed very well, likely due to the audience seeing that you value their opinion

Hopefully this information helped give you a better idea about what “promoted posts” are all about! Creating engaging content is only half the battle, the real work lies in making sure your content gets seen! Good luck!

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