Scary Good Halloween Marketing Tricks

Scary Good Halloween Marketing Tricks

It’s not too late to put together a social marketing campaign for Halloween. Between treats, decorations, costumes and activities Halloween spending is expected to reach $9.1 billion this year! So here are just a few tricks to help you create a festive (and easy) social media campaign.


Decorate your store and social pages!

A well-decorated store can be just enough nudge to have a customer come in AND stay longer! It’s fun, enticing, and people love it! Additionally, spruce up your online store and social pages with Halloween themed cover photos and profile pictures. Use Halloween colors and graphics in your content, and add in some Halloween themed buzzwords into your copy! Just don’t forget to change them back when season ends.


Offer a Seasonal Discount!

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good deal? Consumers love discounts all year long, but add a holiday twist to your promotion, and those Halloween shoppers might just eat it up. The discount doesn’t have to be extreme, you can give away something as a “treat” for spending a certain amount, or give a percentage off during Halloween Weekend.


Have a Contest!

People are already carving pumpkins and dressing up, so it takes minimal effort on their part to participate. It might be cliché, but it never gets tiresome. Embrace the spirit and host the contest on social media as a fun way to engage with your followers! Depending on your business, you can tweak the contest to appeal to your audience.

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