Why Health and Fitness Companies Need Digital Marketing to Grow

The health and fitness industry is extremely competitive.

This, in turn, makes it even more challenging for companies to maintain customer loyalty and even rake in those crucial numbers.

You see, such a competitive environment, coupled with ever-evolving consumer preferences and emerging trends, requires fitness companies to move out of their comfort zones and adopt high-impact marketing tactics to stay in business.

Why health and fitness companies need digital marketing to grow

In order to remain competitive and relevant in today’s business environment, you need to embrace and adopt a digital marketing strategy for your health and fitness company.

Many factors play into keeping or leaving a subscription-based business. For instance, it’s quite normal for customers to often drop their training sessions after a few classes for a myriad of reasons or hop from gym to gym in search of better deals.

Additionally, it’s not easy to convince people to ditch their couch and not only eat healthy, but work out too. People recognize the need to be health-conscious, but only some are willing and committed to doing something about it.

Preaching to the reluctant becomes a problem. Getting new clients keeps the business alive, and only the companies implementing effective strategies can attract, retain, and gain client loyalty.

According to a white paper on digital marketing for the fitness and health industry, the industry is also competing with the do-it-at-home fitness videos and numerous healthcare and fitness supplies. The home revolution is driving the industry scared, seeing that most are more comfortable working out from home instead of the gym.

People now have access to home fitness equipment and can ride a bicycle, lift weights, work out on the treadmill, use dumbbells, or row right from the comfort of their homes!

It’s no longer enough to rely on word-of-mouth from existing customers. Those in the fitness industry must move with speed toward the digital marketplace. It will allow for the expansion of reach and connect businesses directly and personally with their potential and current clients.

However, the digital marketplace is not a walk in the park, as most would think. It requires a comprehensive plan that is primarily driven by a digital marketing strategy.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy helps a company achieve its goals via online marketing channels, including paid, earned, and owned media.

Why do health and fitness companies need digital marketing to grow membership?

When starting a new business, you always start with a plan. You know what audience you want to target, what products or services to offer, and how to go about running it.

The same rules apply to digital marketing.

Most companies believe digital marketing is just having someone working on their Facebook, Twitter, blog, and any other social media accounts. This person sends replies to customer comments and updates new deals and services on the social media pages regularly.

According to research by Smart Insights, most organizations have hopped onto the digital marketing bandwagon; however, 49 percent of organizations do not have a digital marketing strategy in place. They do not have an overall plan but are investing a lot in owned and paid digital media.

They are simply winging it.

Source: Jeff Badal via the G2 Blog 

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