Why You Should Outsource Your Content Marketing

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re in charge of marketing, you’ll have a laundry list of things to do. Between countless meetings, shifting priorities, and a growing pile of paperwork (although, we hope you’re more or less paperless by now), it can be difficult to commit to something like content marketing – and even more difficult to do it well.

For some, content marketing is a few blogs here and there. The odd press release, maybe. Perhaps even an infographic once every four years or so. This kind of un-strategic, lackluster approach is the reason why so many businesses miss out on their true potential. It’s why so many businesses fall short, digitally. True content marketing is much more – but we’ll get on to that shortly.

When your financial year comes to an end, you’ll want to know that you made every effort to smash your targets. The answer to many of these marketing conundrums is proper content marketing. If you can’t find the time, the next answer is to outsource. Here’s why.

You’ll save time

If you’ve got a to-do list that’s longer than your arm, time will be a precious commodity. A profitable content marketing campaign takes months to plan, set up, and implement. Your potential ROI is worth it, of course, but you’ll doubtless have other priorities to deal with – especially if you’re a business owner. You need to take care of the day-to-day stuff!

If you try to just balance everything, you’ll end up devaluing some of the most important aspects of your business. Instead, it makes sense to allow a digital marketing agency to dedicate its time purely to the digital growth of your business.

This way, you’ll save loads of time and you’re more likely to see a quicker turnaround of results. With an agency, you (and the growth of your business) are the main priority.

You’ll be better at keeping up with industry updates

Again, a time-related one. When you’re busy sorting the day-to-day stuff, head down and knee deep in your workload, it’s hard to look ahead and make true progress. This kind of stuff – keeping tabs on industry-related updates, as well as technological developments – falls under the remit of a content marketing agency.

Whether there a few new players in your industry or Google has once again moved its goalposts with another SEO update, having an agency behind you will ensure that you are ready for anything. If you want to predict the future, enlist the help of content marketers!

You’ll get an outsider’s point of view

When you’re so close to your business, and you’re doing business in ways that you always have, you get tunnel vision. Although nobody will know your business as well as you do, an outsourced agency can offer invaluable outside perspective on its area of expertise.

If it feels at all like you’ve grown complacent or too comfortable with your marketing approach, you should get in touch with a content marketing agency. If your campaigns have grown stale or unoriginal, you really need to get in touch with one.

You’ll have access to real expertise

You could hire an intern or a graduate who writes fairly well, and think that’s it. “Content marketing? We’ve got a one-person content department in Sam here: fresh out of uni, a real wordsmith, savvy when it comes to social media. We don’t need an agency.”

Wrong. If this is your scenario, you’re actually missing out on the vast range of skills that is essential to effective content marketing. You need a team of content marketers, each with their own skill-set and area of expertise. If you’re going it on your own, you will never have the quality or the level of depth that comes with a decent content marketing agency.

You can rely on ongoing optimisation

When any good content marketing agency creates content for your site – be it a blog, an SEO-focused service page, a PPC landing page, or whatever – they will always go back and see how it has performed (and, from that, how it could be improved). If you’re not doing this in your current efforts, how do you expect to maximise success?

Again, it all comes back to being time-poor. When things are so busy that you can only look forward and never back, that’s when you know it’s time you sought outside help. Good content marketing is about identifying what works for your audience – and what doesn’t.

ROI is guaranteed when you choose a good agency

When you hire experts to do your content marketing, your funds will be invested wisely and you can expect a good ROI over time. Results aren’t always instant in content marketing – especially for brands that have no existing presence – but you can work with the agency to set out expectations, deliverables, and service-level agreements (SLAs). All you need to worry about is picking the right agency for you.

Common issues like annual leave or staff turnover won’t harm your marketing

Although the person handling your account may change depending on the staff turnover of your content agency, a good agency maintain consistency via proper handovers and attentive record-keeping.

This is a saviour for a busy business like yours.

Say, for example, your in-house content writer is at an industry event, or a conference, or they’ve been struck down with some local content writer flu epidemic. Or if you use a freelancer and they’re all of a sudden unreachable via phone, email, carrier pigeon. What are you going to do? You can’t really stop the press and shut up shop. Regular blogging is one of the best SEO power-moves that you can make! With an outsourced agency, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Those guys have got you covered!

Your enthusiasm won’t burn out

If you’re a marketing manager and have been tasked with not only planning the content but also writing it, while chasing leads and trying to arrange sales meetings at the same time, it can all get a bit much. You’ll burn out and, before long, it will become clear that you need a helping hand.


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