Why Your Hotel Needs Social Media
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Why Your Hotel Needs Social Media

Why Your Hotel Needs Social Media

I’m sure we aren’t the first ones to tell you that your hotel needs social media. I’m sure you’ve been hearing it for years. And more than likely, your hotel is on social media to some extent. Here and there you might even see something at your property and think to yourself “that would be good for social media!” (okay, maybe not). The point is, you know your hotel “needs” to be on social media, but has anyone explained to you why your hotel needs social media?

Allow us. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why your hotel should be utilizing social media.

Showcase & Strengthen your Brand
This should be a no-brainer, but when is the last time you actually put thought into showing off your brand? You know how awesome your brand is, so show it off! Show social media users what sets your brand apart, what you do better than other brands, and all the other unique characteristics that make you, you! Additionally, while you have control over what you post about your brand, you have no control over what other people post. You can use social
media as a platform to show your customers your perspective. For additional brand exposure make sure to include your logo and personalized hashtags in your social media posts!

Provide A Voice For Your Guests (& Potential Guests)
48% of Americans have interacted with companies on at least one social media network! They don’t call it Social Media for nothing! Your customers want to interact with your brand and it’s your job to give them the ability to do that. Previously, if a customer wanted to contact a brand they would most likely call the corporate number, deal with lengthy wait times, and frequently never get through to an actual employee. Not anymore! Now with their mobile device they can hop on Twitter, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, or a number of other platforms and send a message directly to the business they want to contact. If you aren’t active on social media, there’s a good chance they’ll be messaging your competition instead.

Show You Are In-Tune With Modern Technology
We are becoming more and more technology dependent by the day. TechCrunch recently released data showing that American’s spend 5 hours a day on their mobile devices! You don’t want to portray an image that  your property is getting left behind when it comes to technology. Having an active social media presence will show your guest that you are up to speed with technology. Additionally, you are telling the world that your are keeping up to date with social media and they can expect the same from your hotel.

Organic AND Paid Visibility
In a perfect world, your content would be so phenomenal that every post would gain organic traffic and go viral. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t quite work like that. But don’t worry! If you have a social media strategy in place, chances are that you will get a decent amount of organic followers and engagement. Furthermore, Facebook and Instagram have made it extremely easy to increase your social media reach to your target market at a very reasonable cost. While it’s not necessary to boost every post, it’s an extremely helpful tool when you are trying to promote a specific package or event going on at your property. Check back next week for more tips on paid ads!

We hope this gave you some insight as to why your hotel needs social media. If you have questions, or are ready to get the ball rolling – contact us at sales@boomerang-digital.com ! You can also request a free digital marketing analysis here, to see what your property is missing on social media! www.boomerang-digital.com

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