Why Your Medical Practice Needs Social Media
Why Your Medical Practice Needs Social Media

Why Your Medical Practice Needs Social Media

Why Your Medical Practice Needs Social Media

As the world moves towards a digital marketplace, practices are expanding their reach through the use of social media. While there are infinite explanations why businesses should use social media, there are a few niche reasons medical practices particularly should be utilizing this form of marketing. Don’t just take our word for it, industry statistics have shown that digital marketing works regardless of your speciality or practice size. Here are 5 reasons why your medical practice needs social media.

Become Searchable To Future Patients

With unlimited information at their fingertips, consumers are researching everything – and doctors are no exception. Having an active social media strategy plays a major role in your search engine ranking. There’s a huge chance your competitors are already utilizing social media, so if you want to appear on Google’s first page, social media is a necessity. Growing your patient base is a requirement to staying in business, so increase your reach by becoming searchable online.

Get to Know Your Patients

Personal touch is a major competitive advantage, and your patients’ personal needs are ever changing. By being active on social media, you’re giving your practice an additional way to connect to your patients. You can gauge your audience by which posts are performing to see what topics peak their interest and cater things accordingly. American’s are spending 3x more time on social media, and you can bet that they’d be interested in interacting with the physicians they see. Give them additional things to talk to you about, and create a more personal bond over non medical related common interests.

Connect With Your Colleagues 

Social media is an excellent way to connect, learn and collaborate with your colleagues. You can follow other industry greats, share your expertise with them, as well as gain valuable insight from them. This is especially useful for specialists who are part of a niche community. You can also build a reputation for your practice within your industry by being part of the digital conversation.

Gain Credibility

Even if someone gets referred to your practice, you can bet they will still look you up before scheduling an appointment. If they search your practice and find little to no information, chances are they aren’t going to associate you with being an industry leader.. On the other side, if someone searches you and finds content rich social media channels, a strong following, and an updated website with industry related information – they are going to assume your practice is knowledgable, up to date, and credible. While it might not be particularly fair that your online presence affects the way your practice is perceived, it’s completely in your control

Give Personality To Your Doctors

Doctors are real people, too! Doctors’ training and education has become more focused on patients as people, but patients need to see their doctors as people also! By being active on social media, doctors can share their knowledge on medicine, but also some of their personality. You can showcase their bios, hobbies, backgrounds, etc. helping patients connect to them on a more personal level. Patients want doctors who are knowledgable, but they also want doctors they can have a more personal relationship with. This is also an excellent way to gain trust from your current and future patients.

If you’re interested in creating an online presence for your practice, but aren’t sure where to start – we’d love to help!

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